Clay, Creativity and Change

Clay, Creativity and Change.


Reflections on Life in the Aftermath of the Aurora Tragedy

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa


Music is quietly playing, a candle is burning a sweet fragrance, my dog, Marley,  is cuddled next to me, and I hear the soft little sounds of my bird, Buddy, behind me.  All of my senses are smiling as I sit in my peaceful, comfortable home.  It is the end of another weekend, and that thought makes my head spin a bit when I realize yet another week has passed!  As thoughts tend to do, I have drifted to those darkened thoughts of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  The contrast of energy is sadly sobering.  I consider Mother Teresa’s words and how our stones can create ripples of harmony and peace or discord and destruction.  I stroke Marley’s furry head while “We Live In A Beautiful World” fills the room with sound, and  I solemnly gaze at the smiling images of the victims before the massacre.

The questions keep surfacing as I look at their faces and listen to the accounts of witnesses and grief-stricken friends and family of the victims. How could this despicable horrendous act happen in a world where beauty is abundant and  simple pleasures can be had so easily?   My belief is that the actions that emerge from people are the direct result of the turmoil or peace they have cultivated within.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always one’s choice to cultivate peace.  I look at the eyes of the perpetrator for answers.   I look at his eyes  for reasons beyond choice that he could plan an act so vile against innocent people he didn’t even know.  I am wondering how his internal light got snuffed out.  Was he so disconnected from love and inner peace  that he made the choice to find significance in an act so violent and unthinkable ?  I conclude that  the shadows of the psyche can be very dark,  and with that darkness chaos, mayhem and horror can result, no doubt.  I also believe that somewhere in this man’s life he felt he was separate from God and separate from humanity.

Thinking of Mother Teresa’s words, I ask myself how I might throw a stone of peace, love and hope that can create a rippling effect to aid in the healing of a wounded world.  Martin Luther King, Jr. stated,  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that’. So, I reason that when faced with tragic acts of violence, light and love are desperately needed.  Prayer is needed. I deduct that when we focus on the acts themselves– beating our hands in the air saying ‘why, why, WHY?’– that we may not REALLY want to hear the answers, the sobering truth.    I think of Carl Jung’s words, “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” Each and every one of us have at some time unleashed anger, negativity, hatred, jealousy, envy, and judgement towards others.  I know I have, and I accept the fact that I am human and make poor choices at times. NOW, I realize that those behaviors do not serve me nor mankind.  NOW is the time to cultivate inner peace and love through our united thoughts, words and actions, as we reach for the hand of the poor, the weak, the depressed, the lonely, and the oppressed. We have a choice in the kinds of ripples we want to make in the world.

We must reach out to the victims, their families, friends and community and offer our love and support.  Are we willing to courageously pick up the pieces and move forward with grace and belief in a better world?  The massacres in  Aurora, Columbine and New York City, to name a few, are signs that it is time to take a look at our belief systems, and the values that create the canvas of our society and our global communiies.  Are we willing to love everyone, and shine our lights into the dark crevices of our world?  Eleanor Roosevelt said it best when she said “It  is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” wrote Ann Frank. No doubt there was a lot of evidence around her to the contrary, I reason.  Yet, I do agree with Ann’s belief.    We have a divine nature that is the energy of love and is in every person,  a higher consciousness connected to a source that is all good.  That love comes through even in the aftermath of the worst of tragedies.  We are the human family.  We are all interconnected.   Somewhere along the way, we forgot about kindness, and replaced it with road rage.  Somewhere along the way, we forgot that war and killing is a learned behavior, but that a simple smile may save a life. Somewhere along the way, we chose revenge over forgiveness. We simply forgot that we are capable of peace and cooperation. Somewhere along the way, we forgot who we are.  We forgot that we are NOT separate from God, and that we are connected to all that is. We simply forgot.  NOW is the time to remember.

Light, love and peace to all,

Norma Costello









Stepping Across the Precipice

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Lao Tzu

That first step on a new journey is the most important one.  And it can be so frightening!  Yet, that initial small step forward, is the most crucial one, no doubt.  It starts our energy to flow, our visions to activate, and our courage to keep moving forward.  How often do we sit on an idea waiting to take the first step? How often do we have a dream in our hearts for something new: a new job, new house, new relationships–a new life?  How often do we have a song in our hearts that hasn’t been sung?  How often do we spend our days nesting in the comfort of our cocoons?  Is it time to break free from our chrysalis, spread our wings and become the butterfly?   Is it time to step across the precipice, move past our comfort zones and into our dreams?  Yes, it is time!!  The sky is the limit.  Let’s fly!!

Part 4–Just An Ordinary Day Spent With The Angels

Today was a very long day, and I was away from my home for most of it.  I had a day filled with the ordinary.  Getting my hair done, an appointment across town, and shopping a while for presents.  I asked the angels to please go along with me, to help me maintain this tranquility, and to keep me filled with peace.  This was a challenge for the angels, I am sure, as on my drive home I was in a very congested area of town during rush hour traffic.  There was a red sea of tail lights ahead of me as far as I could see, and I only wished I could have called upon a miracle that would have had the angels part this sea of vehicles and let me glide through with ease!  However,  I settled on a somewhat easier task–to keep me safe and calm on the highway.  “Please Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Metatron and Gabriel, don’t let me get panicked out here, or lose my patience with these drivers!” I pleaded.  I decided that it was best to appeal to all five of them in this holiday rush hour traffic!

They came through for me, and co-piloted me home safely!  Sitting here in my angel watching position (lights low, candles glowing), I feel their presence as I have for the past few days.  I have noticed very pleasant smells drifting by.  The smell of fresh oranges and of flowers seems to float through all of my rooms. I continue to see lights that appear and fade.  Particularly the beautiful emerald green that I spoke of in an earlier post.  

Their gentle energy wraps around me like a cozy soft blanket of love.  They have led me to entertain much higher thoughts — and I have found myself reading some amazing things that have shown up on my laptop.  As the “instructions” stated, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about life, meditating on my personal journey, and asking the angels for more guidance and clarity. I focus on my mantra, “Where thought goes, energy flows.”  If I’m thinking pure thoughts about angels, it is much harder to put my energy into negative thoughts!

Marley continues to appear as if she sees something that I cannot.  She does a little half-bark, not knowing exactly WHAT is going on around our home!  How do I explain celestial beings of light and energy to a little dog?  But on the other hand, maybe Marley experiences ‘our angels’ in a way that I cannot?  If Marley could only talk!


Part 3 of The Angels’ Visitation–Raphael and Visual Confirmation!!

Sometimes it is nice to ‘be like a child’ and have very limited knowledge about things.  For me, this has definitely led me to a higher level of spirituality.  Answering the call to my five angels’ visit, I had no idea what mysteries and revelations were ahead for me!!  (If you haven’t been following my blog, now is the time to check out Parts 1 and 2 of my Angel visitation stories!)   I am in no way an angel expert, nor profess to be a leader in the area of divinity.  But, last night I sat in candle glow with my Christmas tree to my right, and in silence, I requested healing. (If you haven’t figured out by now that the still small voice inside that guides you to higher ground is a great asset to your life–then it’s time to realize it NOW.  I answered to this small voice’s call to healing.)  Call it the Holy Spirit, Infinite Guidance, Divine Wisdom, Higher Self, God, or Jesus–no matter, it will answer to your call.  “Seek” is the magic word here!  I was seeking, and I asked the angels around me to help me heal anything spiritually, physically, or mentally that needed healing–complete healing of body, mind and soul.  I asked with a child’s belief that all is possible, and that I actually did not even KNOW what I was really asking for!  (I don’t really feel sick!)   I just asked the angels, surrendered, and then allowed whatever was supposed to happen to happen!!  I asked for signs that my angels were present.  I have to confess that I totally felt  them all around me.  I wanted to SEE a sign, though!  As I asked the question, “Are angels present?”, the candle responded with an amazing flickering.  No drafts, no fans!  “OK”, I thought with a bit of trepidation. “No fear here!” I stated to the angels.  So, is this you, Metatron?  No candle motion.  Hey, Gabriel, are you the one trying to speak to me?  No candle motion. (I believe they were ALL present, but that they wanted the angel I had called upon to answer)   Are you here, Raphael?  The candle flickered wildly.  I looked to my right at my Christmas tree and saw a beautiful green glow vertically, but with sketches of  the white lights of my Christmas tree shining through. It was a beautiful shade of emerald green.  The  green light was not going away!  It was mesmerizing.  I stared at it for minutes.  It would reveal itself, then fade. Then it would appear again when I asked for it to.  So, I did what I had to do!  I Googled Raphael.  I was astonished by the information I found about this amazing angel.  The name Raphael actually means “God heals”.  Article after article talked about Raphael’s green light!!  Check this one out, or Google for yourself!  It states, ” Have you noticed that statues of Archangel Raphael usually have him wearing green? This is because he serves on God’s fifth ray, the green ray of healing.” 

It’s time to sit with the angels again.  They are here, and I truly feel their love and presence.  Please stay tuned to my blogs, as I learn more about these mysterious beings!

“If you seek an angel with an open heart… You shall always find one.” 
– Anonymous

The Angels’ Arrival–Day One–A Peaceful Easy Feeling

Last evening at sundown, I said a little prayer, opened my front door, and greeted five angels, inviting them into my home to stay for five days.   Marley, my faithful little dog, witnessed their arrival.  Immediately as I opened the door and welcomed them, there was a surge of energy that caused a warm sensation throughout my being, followed shortly by goose bumps that happen when you experience a bit of magic.  Marley ran around like she does when I have a visitor, barking and wagging her tail.  It was a friendly bark, and I know she was feeling the same thing that I was.  There was a peaceful energy that settled into my home.  Very subtle change, yet noticeable nonetheless.   Since I have never experienced the visitation of five Archangels, I really didn’t know what to expect.  As my candles flickered, I allowed my guests to make themselves at home.   I sat in silence and listened to that still small voice inside, and it was indeed a time of joy and expectation.  I realized that the real magic in life comes from that which is unseen.  Love, joy, gratitude, peace–emotions and feelings to which there is no price tag.  I listened to songs about angels, quietly reflected on my many blessings.  I had unexpected surprise messages from people I haven’t heard from in a long time.  I wish I could bottle this emotion and give it to all I know for Christmas.  I feel very blessed.  I look forward to all that these heavenly bodies have to teach me.  

When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.


The Angels are Coming to My Home Tonight !

Angel Altar

Five guests are arriving at my home tonight at sunset, and I am getting very excited in anticipation of their visit!  Their names are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron, and they are all Archangels.  Yes, you heard me right.  I am hosting these magnificent beings of light, love and peace in my home for five days.  They are being sent here by my friend Hara from New York City– with, of course,  my openness and willingness to receive them.  I was one of her three people that she sent them to.   The intention of receiving these angels during this Christmas season and beyond– is to bring peace and harmony to this planet.  By receiving them, each person who willingly embraces this opportunity to receive the grace, peace, joy and serenity from having this conscious intention of hosting the angels, will bring more peace, love and light to a world that is in the midst of many shifts and changes.  After leaving my home, I will be ‘sending them’ to three other willing hosts, and so on.  The intention is to exponentially bring a higher level of vibration to a planet in transition.  It is the faith that there are invisible forces behind the scene, who are here for humanity, and who can erase the negative impact of fear, and bring in more love and peace.  This is an act of faith and trust.   I have my little altar ready.  It is simple.  Some white flowers, a candle, an apple, and three wishes, written and placed folded below the apple.  The first wish is for Mother Earth, the second is for my family, and the third is a personal wish.  At sundown tonight I will welcome my visitors into my home and heart with a little prayer.  As with any guest that you welcome into your home, you prepare for them. Remember the old saying, ” Cleanliness is next to Godliness?”  So, now I’m going to tidy up the place a bit!   Well, goodbye for now, and stay tuned to my blogs for the next five days, as I will be sharing my experiences with the angels!!

How Can We Save Our Planet (and Ourselves) and Bring Mother Earth Back to Shore?

She has been observing for eons the activities that go on around her.  She shares all that she has–gives it freely, and with a happy heart.  She watches as  people walk around her rich green pastures and flower laden meadows.  She takes joy in the hikers who climb her beautiful mountains.  She offers up the fish in her oceans, streams and lakes.  She has not asked for very much in return.  

She hasn’t had a lot of help in stopping the bombing and destruction of her beautiful lands and peoples:  she sits silently and watches as her children destroy each other, rape and pillage her inhabitants as well as herself.  She hasn’t had a lot of help in halting the destruction of her rain forests.  She sits silently and watches as people pollute her lakes and rivers.   She sits silently and waits for help as her oceans are polluted with oil, toxic gasses are released in her atmosphere and negligent fires destroy her forests.  She watches quietly as people bury their dead,  who have starved from lack of food.  She looks around herself and watches, and it seems as if no one cares.

How can we bring our beautiful wondrous Mother Earth the help that she so desperately needs?  She seriously cannot go on without it!  We all must come together to take care of her! We are the HUMAN FAMILY, and she is depending on all of us for help.   How can we continue neglecting and destroying  all that she is and all that she holds dear?  How can we expect her to continue watching silently as we destroy her and each other?  We all have RESPONSIBILITY to take care of her as well as taking care of each other.

What can each of us do to help save our planet?  We can start by creating peace within ourselves.  This will lead to world peace.  We can start by taking responsibility for our own actions, and have respect for ourselves and others.  This will lead to a greater respect for the beauty and sacredness of our world and the diversity that makes it so special.  We can start paying more attention to the hungry, oppressed, depressed, and weak.  This will take us to a new level of awareness for what blessings we have and how we can share them with those less fortunate.

We must ‘see’ this beautiful world/planet and all of its inhabitants as healthy, whole and ONE.  We are going through a transformation that is greater than any that our Mother Earth has ever encountered.  The old ways of doing things are no longer working, and we must make way for a new change, a new world.  What is happening now on the planet — is simply akin to the pains of childbirth.  It is a process that is messy and painful, but in the end a new baby has arrived.  It is time to act as midwives and help deliver a new healthy baby!  

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Today I decided to finish putting  the old ornaments on my new Christmas tree.  I purchased a small pre-lit artificial one a couple of days ago.  Last year’s pine needles still come out from their hiding places, giving me incentive for a new tradition in 2011.  ‘Simplify’ has become my mantra.  I actually carried my new tree inside and set it up all by myself.   For me, a single empty-nester, it is definitely an evolving skill to ‘do’ Christmas decorating without my children or former husband around.   As I unveiled each ornament from it’s tissue, the memories of Christmases past danced through my head.  There were handmade ornaments from the days when my children came home from school–their small hands stretching out to hand me their precious Christmas handiwork.  I recalled their eyes shining with pride,  and their grins from ear to ear, as I unveiled each of these treasures from my sea of ornaments.  Those memories were coming to me in the fashion of a slideshow created from secret places one holds dear for a lifetime.  Most of those handmade ornaments have faded now or have chipped through the years, but my tree was calling for them to join it.  My tree became a tapestry of Christmases past.  I finished adorning my tree with the angels and crystal ornaments — some newer than others — but all equally important to create my new Christmas tree.

And now, I behold my ‘new’ tree, and I realize how life is like that Christmas tree.  As life unfolds we are called to evolve, to grow and change.  We take the old and mingle with the new to create our ever-changing tapestry.  Living in the moment does not mean we forget.  It means we put on some joyful music and dance and sing:

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!
Thou hast a wondrous message “