Motion Without Struggle In Life

The first time I tried to water ski, I found it a difficult feat to    accomplish. It was many years ago, and I remember trying so hard to  pull myself up and out of the water as quickly as possible.  I just knew  there were snakes around and creepy fish swimming underneath me that  I couldn’t see! I let fear overcome me and it seemed I just couldn’t find  my balance.  It took me a while to understand the concept of allowing  the boat to pull me up, instead of wasting my energy forcing myself out  of the water.  Once I finally understood this concept, I squatted with the  rope in my hands, leaned back and let the boat lift me up with ease.    Grace on skis wasn’t there yet, and that took a while to achieve.  But,  water skiing was a lot like riding a bicycle, as once you ‘got it’ you ‘got  it’.  How exhilarating it was to be propelled by the strong force of the boat and glide effortlessly over the water!

When I look back on my journey of life, I realize how many times I tried to lift myself up and out of the waters of life, the difficulties and challenges were much like the snakes and creepy things I imagined in that murky lake water.  Again and again I would lose my balance as I tried to lift myself up from my challenging life situations with only my self determination to do so.   I continuously allowed fear to take over, and I continued to lose my balance in the waters of life.  It was always such a struggle to ‘go it alone’.   All of that changed as I surrendered all my frantic useless efforts and began to co-create my new life with the source of strength I found with my higher power.  God was the force that pulled me up and out of the pit, allowing me to release and use His strength to break free and end the struggle.  My life has opened up to such new avenues of joy as a result. A little wobbly at first, but once I ‘got it’ I ‘got it’ and how amazingly exhilarating it is to be propelled through life with this loving energy!


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