We are living in an evolving world where we can connect to people all over the planet (and beyond) in seconds. There are cell phones, faxes, laptop computers and desk top computers, iPods and iPads. Then there is Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other email, texting, conference and video calls. Let’s Skype! Well, you get my point. Yes, we have come a long way with technology in this lifetime!
Maybe I am dating myself here, but I remember being a child and getting excited about ‘communication’ with another kid via two cans and a string! The point is, communication NOW is just a tap away, and no one is beyond our grasp. This is very exciting to me! When used in its proper place, technology can be amazing!
While driving just a while ago, I began to realize how technology has allowed me to connect with people I have never met before. And these connections have facilitated new friendships that I truly value. My precious VA (Virtual Assistant), Robyn, has become a dear friend as we have been creating a website together. She actually lives on the other side of the planet—in a small town in South Africa.
There’s my new friends, Rita, Laura and Carole Jean, who have been studying with me our marvelous coaching program—Strategic Life Intervention. We Skype, email each other great information, and support each other on our journeys together. They live in Denmark, Texas and Kentucky!
Indeed the world is getting smaller, and we have the interconnectedness to abandon our old fears, and reach out and touch someone as never before. It just confirms to me that we are all part of the human family. And this takes me on a virtual tour across the shores of our beautiful planet and Back to Shore! And I never even have to leave my home!