How Can We Save Our Planet (and Ourselves) and Bring Mother Earth Back to Shore?

She has been observing for eons the activities that go on around her.  She shares all that she has–gives it freely, and with a happy heart.  She watches as  people walk around her rich green pastures and flower laden meadows.  She takes joy in the hikers who climb her beautiful mountains.  She offers up the fish in her oceans, streams and lakes.  She has not asked for very much in return.  

She hasn’t had a lot of help in stopping the bombing and destruction of her beautiful lands and peoples:  she sits silently and watches as her children destroy each other, rape and pillage her inhabitants as well as herself.  She hasn’t had a lot of help in halting the destruction of her rain forests.  She sits silently and watches as people pollute her lakes and rivers.   She sits silently and waits for help as her oceans are polluted with oil, toxic gasses are released in her atmosphere and negligent fires destroy her forests.  She watches quietly as people bury their dead,  who have starved from lack of food.  She looks around herself and watches, and it seems as if no one cares.

How can we bring our beautiful wondrous Mother Earth the help that she so desperately needs?  She seriously cannot go on without it!  We all must come together to take care of her! We are the HUMAN FAMILY, and she is depending on all of us for help.   How can we continue neglecting and destroying  all that she is and all that she holds dear?  How can we expect her to continue watching silently as we destroy her and each other?  We all have RESPONSIBILITY to take care of her as well as taking care of each other.

What can each of us do to help save our planet?  We can start by creating peace within ourselves.  This will lead to world peace.  We can start by taking responsibility for our own actions, and have respect for ourselves and others.  This will lead to a greater respect for the beauty and sacredness of our world and the diversity that makes it so special.  We can start paying more attention to the hungry, oppressed, depressed, and weak.  This will take us to a new level of awareness for what blessings we have and how we can share them with those less fortunate.

We must ‘see’ this beautiful world/planet and all of its inhabitants as healthy, whole and ONE.  We are going through a transformation that is greater than any that our Mother Earth has ever encountered.  The old ways of doing things are no longer working, and we must make way for a new change, a new world.  What is happening now on the planet — is simply akin to the pains of childbirth.  It is a process that is messy and painful, but in the end a new baby has arrived.  It is time to act as midwives and help deliver a new healthy baby!  


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