The Angels are Coming to My Home Tonight !

Angel Altar

Five guests are arriving at my home tonight at sunset, and I am getting very excited in anticipation of their visit!  Their names are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron, and they are all Archangels.  Yes, you heard me right.  I am hosting these magnificent beings of light, love and peace in my home for five days.  They are being sent here by my friend Hara from New York City– with, of course,  my openness and willingness to receive them.  I was one of her three people that she sent them to.   The intention of receiving these angels during this Christmas season and beyond– is to bring peace and harmony to this planet.  By receiving them, each person who willingly embraces this opportunity to receive the grace, peace, joy and serenity from having this conscious intention of hosting the angels, will bring more peace, love and light to a world that is in the midst of many shifts and changes.  After leaving my home, I will be ‘sending them’ to three other willing hosts, and so on.  The intention is to exponentially bring a higher level of vibration to a planet in transition.  It is the faith that there are invisible forces behind the scene, who are here for humanity, and who can erase the negative impact of fear, and bring in more love and peace.  This is an act of faith and trust.   I have my little altar ready.  It is simple.  Some white flowers, a candle, an apple, and three wishes, written and placed folded below the apple.  The first wish is for Mother Earth, the second is for my family, and the third is a personal wish.  At sundown tonight I will welcome my visitors into my home and heart with a little prayer.  As with any guest that you welcome into your home, you prepare for them. Remember the old saying, ” Cleanliness is next to Godliness?”  So, now I’m going to tidy up the place a bit!   Well, goodbye for now, and stay tuned to my blogs for the next five days, as I will be sharing my experiences with the angels!!


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