Part 3 of The Angels’ Visitation–Raphael and Visual Confirmation!!

Sometimes it is nice to ‘be like a child’ and have very limited knowledge about things.  For me, this has definitely led me to a higher level of spirituality.  Answering the call to my five angels’ visit, I had no idea what mysteries and revelations were ahead for me!!  (If you haven’t been following my blog, now is the time to check out Parts 1 and 2 of my Angel visitation stories!)   I am in no way an angel expert, nor profess to be a leader in the area of divinity.  But, last night I sat in candle glow with my Christmas tree to my right, and in silence, I requested healing. (If you haven’t figured out by now that the still small voice inside that guides you to higher ground is a great asset to your life–then it’s time to realize it NOW.  I answered to this small voice’s call to healing.)  Call it the Holy Spirit, Infinite Guidance, Divine Wisdom, Higher Self, God, or Jesus–no matter, it will answer to your call.  “Seek” is the magic word here!  I was seeking, and I asked the angels around me to help me heal anything spiritually, physically, or mentally that needed healing–complete healing of body, mind and soul.  I asked with a child’s belief that all is possible, and that I actually did not even KNOW what I was really asking for!  (I don’t really feel sick!)   I just asked the angels, surrendered, and then allowed whatever was supposed to happen to happen!!  I asked for signs that my angels were present.  I have to confess that I totally felt  them all around me.  I wanted to SEE a sign, though!  As I asked the question, “Are angels present?”, the candle responded with an amazing flickering.  No drafts, no fans!  “OK”, I thought with a bit of trepidation. “No fear here!” I stated to the angels.  So, is this you, Metatron?  No candle motion.  Hey, Gabriel, are you the one trying to speak to me?  No candle motion. (I believe they were ALL present, but that they wanted the angel I had called upon to answer)   Are you here, Raphael?  The candle flickered wildly.  I looked to my right at my Christmas tree and saw a beautiful green glow vertically, but with sketches of  the white lights of my Christmas tree shining through. It was a beautiful shade of emerald green.  The  green light was not going away!  It was mesmerizing.  I stared at it for minutes.  It would reveal itself, then fade. Then it would appear again when I asked for it to.  So, I did what I had to do!  I Googled Raphael.  I was astonished by the information I found about this amazing angel.  The name Raphael actually means “God heals”.  Article after article talked about Raphael’s green light!!  Check this one out, or Google for yourself!  It states, ” Have you noticed that statues of Archangel Raphael usually have him wearing green? This is because he serves on God’s fifth ray, the green ray of healing.” 

It’s time to sit with the angels again.  They are here, and I truly feel their love and presence.  Please stay tuned to my blogs, as I learn more about these mysterious beings!

“If you seek an angel with an open heart… You shall always find one.” 
– Anonymous


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