Part 4–Just An Ordinary Day Spent With The Angels

Today was a very long day, and I was away from my home for most of it.  I had a day filled with the ordinary.  Getting my hair done, an appointment across town, and shopping a while for presents.  I asked the angels to please go along with me, to help me maintain this tranquility, and to keep me filled with peace.  This was a challenge for the angels, I am sure, as on my drive home I was in a very congested area of town during rush hour traffic.  There was a red sea of tail lights ahead of me as far as I could see, and I only wished I could have called upon a miracle that would have had the angels part this sea of vehicles and let me glide through with ease!  However,  I settled on a somewhat easier task–to keep me safe and calm on the highway.  “Please Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Metatron and Gabriel, don’t let me get panicked out here, or lose my patience with these drivers!” I pleaded.  I decided that it was best to appeal to all five of them in this holiday rush hour traffic!

They came through for me, and co-piloted me home safely!  Sitting here in my angel watching position (lights low, candles glowing), I feel their presence as I have for the past few days.  I have noticed very pleasant smells drifting by.  The smell of fresh oranges and of flowers seems to float through all of my rooms. I continue to see lights that appear and fade.  Particularly the beautiful emerald green that I spoke of in an earlier post.  

Their gentle energy wraps around me like a cozy soft blanket of love.  They have led me to entertain much higher thoughts — and I have found myself reading some amazing things that have shown up on my laptop.  As the “instructions” stated, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about life, meditating on my personal journey, and asking the angels for more guidance and clarity. I focus on my mantra, “Where thought goes, energy flows.”  If I’m thinking pure thoughts about angels, it is much harder to put my energy into negative thoughts!

Marley continues to appear as if she sees something that I cannot.  She does a little half-bark, not knowing exactly WHAT is going on around our home!  How do I explain celestial beings of light and energy to a little dog?  But on the other hand, maybe Marley experiences ‘our angels’ in a way that I cannot?  If Marley could only talk!



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  1. Oh, Norma how wonderful , and I feel the tranquility through your writing – and what a great picture with Marley and those beautiful angel statues, you are truly blessed, sending you love, Rita

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