Stepping Across the Precipice

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Lao Tzu

That first step on a new journey is the most important one.  And it can be so frightening!  Yet, that initial small step forward, is the most crucial one, no doubt.  It starts our energy to flow, our visions to activate, and our courage to keep moving forward.  How often do we sit on an idea waiting to take the first step? How often do we have a dream in our hearts for something new: a new job, new house, new relationships–a new life?  How often do we have a song in our hearts that hasn’t been sung?  How often do we spend our days nesting in the comfort of our cocoons?  Is it time to break free from our chrysalis, spread our wings and become the butterfly?   Is it time to step across the precipice, move past our comfort zones and into our dreams?  Yes, it is time!!  The sky is the limit.  Let’s fly!!


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